Beisy, Bonno, Balú, Benjie, Bellanita, Baila, Barley, Bahija, Bently, Basthijen


09/10/2015 was the day "D" and our first puppy left to a new home. The leaving was sad, but I believe that he will have a great time and with his older friends he'll do a lot of roguishnesses. We wish him a lot of health and happiness in his new family. :)


09/10/2015 And today our second puppy has left us. He left to a place behind the distant Prague, but I believe that we didn't see each other the last time. :) I couldn't even wish for a better family for him. Balú, we wish you a lot of health, experience and happiness in your new family.


10/10/2015 Today our biggest petter left to his new home. :) His partner will be a kitty and I hope that they will quickly become friends. We wish you a lot of happy moments in your new family. :)


11/10/2015 The first little girl who left our nest. Bella, we wish you a lot of happiness and experience in your new family.


14/10/2015 Today the Bailinka, our Lailinka's successor, has left to her new family. At home she'll be in a company of elder Great Dane, 4 years old little girl and soon also a little baby. Baila, we wish you a lot of happiness and health in your new family.


17/10/2015 My calmest honey left to his new home. He'll live near us in a company of little tomcat. :) Make your new family happy, we wish you a lot of beautiful moments and a lot of health.


23/10/2015 So even my craziest and the smallest puppy with the biggest bond has left me. Honey, we wish you a lot of beautiful moments in a health and joy. :)


15/11/2015 After a long year and a half I believe that Bently has found the real family, where he will experience only a lot of adventure, love, food, and entertainment. And with his sister Belinka they will be good partners for a long time for their owners, who will move mountains for them. From now you will be just fine our baby boy.