Adelaila, Akira, Aveline, Alexi, Amína, Assan, Arletta, Ayrin, Alya, Achimm, Aureus, Anysia, Aerys, Arles, Arni


Adelaila stays at home with her mother. She is our new darling and new female of Beautiful Blue Ballerines kennel.


24/11/2013 Akira has great new owners since today. We hope she will enjoy her life in the new home and she will be happy.


29/11/2013 Another bitch from our litter has excellent new owners. We wish her a lot of happiness and health.


29/11/2013 Alexi has found his new family, but we are glad that he still remains a member of our kennel


7/12/2013 Another puppy leaves us... This time it is on the way to the Czech Republic to very good owners. We wish a lot of health and happy moments.


18/12/2013 Assan has found his new home today. Family with a lot of fun together with little ladies. We wish a lot of health and happiness to all three babies.


20/12/2013 Arlettka travelled to her new home abroad today. She has super owners with who she will be definitely happy. We wish a lot of nice moments.


22/12/2013 Ayrin will be a beautiful gift for her new owners under the Christmas tree. We wish her all the best, a lot of health and joy in her new home.


1/1/2014 So, for the new year, Alynka left us. We all will miss her so much and surely her siblings because she was the last bitch except Adynka and her sister Lailinka, who stays at home and the boys remained alone :) But Vizsla is waiting for her at home, so I hope they will go well. And we wish to Alynka a lot of happiness, health and love from her new owners.


19/1/2014 Achimm has his new home. He travels to Austria. We wish him a lot of success, health and lots of joy with his new owners.


24/1/2014 Aureus, our biggest love found a loving family. We wish him a lot of love, beautifully spend moments and especially a lot of health.


31/1/2014 Anysia has found a new beautiful home abroad, with a huge garden where she can lark around. We wish her a lot of health and happiness.


5/02/2014 Aerys has found his home beyond the border in neighbouring Austria where we accompanied him personally. He will be a new member of Deutsche Doggen Austria Blue Dream kennel.


10/02/2014 Arles found his new family again across the border, in the neighbouring Czech Republic. We wish him a lot of health, happiness and beautiful spent moments.


15/02/2014 Today, our last puppy Arni left us. He found a beautiful, loving family. We wish him a lot of health, love and happiness.